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The MAGNYS project was launched at the beginning of 2014 when Denis Thoral, the founder of the brand noticed that on the optical market it was impossible to find an easily accessible solution that puts forward what appears the most important thing when we talk about glasses: the comfort of vision!

Before MAGNYS, all eyewear brands who offer non-prescription glasses were only focused on one angle: the look. Far from giving up on this aspect, we decided that it was not incompatible to combine the look and the comfort of vision.

The aim of MAGNYS is to allow presbyopes to address the discomfort without having to go on a long and expensive medical journey or waiting several weeks or months for an appointment with an ophthalmologist, but also without giving up the most important: a good comfort of vision.

To achieve this goal, MAGNYS has worked with consumers, opticians and several design and engineering firms to build a pragmatic and accessible solution for you.
The result of this work is a pair of patented glasses, 100% made in France and exclusively sold by opticians near you. We are very attached to the value of proximity and try to stay close to our customers’ expectations.

Located near Lyon (France) since 2014, MAGNYS is now widely distributed. Our products are now available at many opticians in France but also in other European countries in the very near future.

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