One of a kind

Thanks to the previously undiscovered blend of three key factors for near vision, MAGNYS now offers an unrivaled farsighted eyewear range. Let distance bring you closer to comfort. Exclusively stocked by opticians to guarantee quality fitting, MAGNYS eyewear can broaden your range of vision up to 2 meters, adjusted to your pupil distance and can be ready in just 5 minutes.

Exclusive depth-of-field technology

Thanks to the revolutionnary Proximag® lense, you can now read text on cell phone... while still seeing clearly past your nose.

Personalized visual comfort

MAGNYS eyewear is the first of its kind to use lenses that can be personalized for real visual comfort... and is yours to take away there and then.

Immediate solution, even without a prescription

MAGNYS eyewear can be adjusted by an optician in just 5 minutes... and will let you get back to reading in peace.

Well-adjusted proximity

For MAGNYS, distance is not just about vision, it’s also about the respect we have for our customers and eye care professionals. Ever since the beginning of our journey, we have made opticians central to the MAGNYS offer. This was, firstly, to guarantee quality and professional custom fitting, but it was also to quickly make this available to a wider audience. Getting closer to our customers, providing and accurately responding to a need that affects or will affect 100% of the population.

Made in France

Because proximity is a real philosophy at MAGNYS, our eyewear were imagined, created and made by local talents in Rhône-Alpes and PACA areas. Our display stand was also created in France. An implication which also allows us to think of our planet that we like so much.

I want my MAGNYS!

An optician near you

Style in the service of innovation… Innovation in the service of proximity.

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